Long-Term Care Solutions

Long-Term Care Solutions, is to a very popular topic to discuss because it we are discussing it mean we have to come to terms with our age and that we are getting older and losing our youth.

However, this needs to become a more popular topic and we need to put our vanity aside and think about long-term care from a rational standpoint.

According to the National Nursing Home Survey, the average length of stay for patients currently in nursing homes is 892 days, or 2.44 years. It will currently cost $225,402 for that 2.44 year stay.

The question you need to think about is can you, your family, or your estate afford to pay $225,402. In most cases the answer is NO and even if your answer is yes you can afford it would you rather leave that money to your children, grandchildren, or charity?

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Long-Term Care Solutions

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Did you know?

Below are some starting facts pulled from a January 12, 2018 Forbes article called Long-Term Care Insurance and The Importance of Developing A Plan by Joel Johnson. 

There are 75,400,000 aging baby boomers in the United States.

7 in 10 Americans 65 or older will need some type of long-term care.

The median U.S. annual private room nursing home cost in 2016 was $92,378.

$166,845 is the projected median U.S. annual private room nursing home cost in 20 years.

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