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A strong employee benefits offering is key to your company’s success as it helps keep the key employees you currently rely on, and helps attract new talent to grow your organization. 

Has your organization had a detailed independent analysis of the employer-sponsored health care and other employer-sponsored benefits in the past 12 to 18 months? If not, your organization could be spending valuable company dollars on benefits that are out of date, or even worst on benefits your employees do not want or use. 

Let Vaughn Insurance Advisory guide you through this complicated terrain of employee benefits so you know you are getting the most for your companies money and that you are offering a suite of employee benefits that are in tune with your workforce.

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Group Health Insurance

When it comes to developing an employee benefits package for your business there are many items to take into consideration. Do we want to only offer health insurance or do we want to offer health, dental, and vision?

This why at Vaughn Insurance Advisory we like to have a hands-on approach with our clients and offer a complete analysis of a client’s current benefits package before making any recommendations.

Or if your business is looking at offering benefits to employees for the first time let one of our expert insurance advisors help guide you so you have the most cost effective and beneficial employee benefits plan available.

Please feel free to reach out to one of our insurance advisors at 888-970-8022 for a consultation or if you would like an online group benefits quote please proceed here.

Did you know?

Having a strong employee benefits package will help attract your company top talent.

In a recent Paychex survey 23% of employers said they offer health insurance to attract top talent.

Benefits can lead to a healthier workforce.

Access to benefits may lead to a healthier workforce, which may in turn reduce out-of-office time. For example, health insurance may increase the chances that an ill employee will seek treatment and get back to work faster. A healthier workforce means that you’re less likely to deal with missed workdays, scheduling issues, and other challenges; perhaps consider starting an employee wellness program. In addition, access to benefits can help keep your employees healthier over time, which is a significant concern in the rapidly aging workforce. Other benefits such as retirement plans can help reduce stress which also contributes to a healthier workforce.

Having a well developed employee benefits package may help reduce employee turnover.

In a recent Paycheck survey 23% of employers said they offer a Retirement Plan to reduce turn over and 16% of the employers said they offer health insurance to reduce turn over.

Employees that are appreciated have better attitudes.

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